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PEP Ergo Tubular Steel Slab Props

The galvanized tubular steel slab prop with up to 50 kN load-bearing capacity
PERI PEP Ergo Slab Props: The shape of the lowering nut shows the direction for lowering when under load and allows damagefree and gentle lowering of materials.
PERI PEP Ergo Slab Props: In addition to the tripod, the PRK frame can be used as an assembly aid.


PEP Ergo Props are mainly used for supporting slab formwork. Numerous practical features ensure fast and safe handling – this includes, for example, the trendsetting Adjusting Nut or the ergonomic G-Hook which cannot jam. The galvanization guarantees a long service life. However, if a prop is damaged during the tough everyday working operations on the jobsite, the inner and outer tubes can be replaced separately.

The capacity factor – defined as the load-bearing capacity to prop weight ratio – can reach up to 70% above the values of comparable slab props. High capacity means less props! The props have been developed in compliance with the Euro standard and have the approval of the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology). They fully comply with Load Class B, D and E of EN 1065. Max. load-bearing capacity of up to 50 kN.

The complete galvanization of all surfaces guarantees a long service life.

Load-bearing capacity far beyond the norm
Prop load up to 50 kN – with a comparatively low dead weight
(PEP Ergo E-300: G = 19.4 kg; max. F = 50.4 kN)

Quickly adjusted
The 12 cm long adjustment range eliminates frequent re-positioning whilst the measuring scale on the inner tube accelerates length pre-adjustments

Simple connections
Prop heads can be attached to both the inner and outer tubes

Trendsetting Adjusting Nut
The shape of the Lowering Nut shows the direction for lowering when under load while the captive handgrip allows easy adjustment

Technical Details

Length, weight and max. load-bearing capacity

  • PEP Ergo B-300 14.0 kg / 30 kN
  • PEP Ergo B-350 15.6 kg / 30 kN
  • PEP Ergo D-150 9.1 kg / 30 kN
  • PEP Ergo D-250 13.1 kg / 35 kN
  • PEP Ergo D-350 19.7 kg / 40 kN
  • PEP Ergo D-400 23.2 kg / 40 kN
  • PEP Ergo D-500 30.7 kg / 40 kN
  • PEP Ergo E-300 19.4 kg / 50 kN
  • PEP Ergo E-400 26.6 kg / 50 kN


Further technical details

  • Fully galvanized tubular steel slab props for transferring vertical loads
  • Maximum prop load: 50 kN
  • Building authority approved (PEP Ergo) | type-tested (PEP 20, PEP 30)
  • Prop lengths: up to 1.50 m | 2.50 m | 3.00 m | 3.50 m | 4.00 m | 5.00 m
  • Generous adjustment range of 12 cm
  • Total length stamped on inner tube in 10-cm increments to the pegging holes
  • Tripods or frames available as installation aids
  • Anti-crush device with a safety clearance of 10 cm provides protection against injury
  • Prop type and length can be read directly from the outside on the end plate, also on stacks of props