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Work with one of the largest state-of-the-art 3D concrete printers in the world

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3D Construction Printing

PERI and COBOD - two companies one common goal

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Modular 3D Construction Printer

More about BOD 2

The BOD Building

Europe's first 3D printed building

The BOD Building
Printing buildings in a fast, safe and flexible way.

Our conviction

We belief that 3D construction printing will revolutionize the construction industry by fostering industrialization of the construction process.

Building more homes faster and at lower costs drives our efforts to bring this technology to market success.

Solving the housing crisis with homes more durable compared to traditional homebuilding methods, such as wood frames, is what we strive for.

Through smarter designs and optimized material usage, 3D construction printing also paves the way towards a more sustainable built environment.

Printing buildings in a fast, safe and flexible way

By means of a 3D printer, concrete structures can be quickly and inexpensively realised without any formwork – with great design freedom. As a result, this makes the process ideal as a substitute for brick and wood constructions.

The potential of 3D concrete printing

Time and cost savings

  • The printer can be operated by only two persons and is the fastest one on the market (1m/s).
  • Coordination effort is reduced by an automated, optimized construction process and sequence of trades.

Innovative technology to
attract talent

  • Construction machinery that is innovative, gentle on the body, clean and safe. Thus, it increases your attractiveness as an employer.

Design freedom

  • Curves and overhangs can be realised at no extra cost – for maximum design freedom on the construction site.

Proven expertise & quality

  • First 3D building in Europe, only second generation 3D cconstruction printer
  • Know-how about construction processes from our formwork & scaffolding business
  • Full CE certification as well as numerous other safety features

Modular system

  • Due to the flexibility of the modules (available in 1.25 or 2.5 m lengths) and working in three dimensions, the printer can be used for a wide range of applications.

Sturdy and resistant buildings

  • Printed concrete homes protect their inhabitants from increasing natural disasters such as hurricanes

BOD2, the only 2nd generation 3D construction printer

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