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Hexagon Office Building, Calgary, Canada

Информация за проекта

Местоположение: Calgary, Канада

  • Six multi-storey building complex with office space for 600 employees
  • Research and development facilities, production and logistics areas, office and recreation rooms as well as conference and training facilities on a total area of over 30,000 m²


  • Complying with an extremely short construction schedule
  • Keeping labour costs and execution times to a minimum
  • Minimizing crane use for formwork operations
  • High quality concrete surfaces


Perma-Cast Concrete Contracting Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada

Информация за клиента

  • High quality architectural concrete surfaces with uniform joint and tie arrangement
  • Saving valuable working time due to the one-sided tie technology of the MAXIMO Panel Formwork
  • Fast striking of the shaft internal formwork through a striking clearance of 35 mm on all sides
  • Reduced crane use by moving complete shaft internal formwork units
  • Safe working conditions with generously-sized work platforms free of any tripping hazards
  • Maintaining the very tight construction schedule
  • Cost optimization due to the high utilization rate of the rental formwork solution
Portrait of Jamie Wood, Concrete Superintendent at Perma-Cast Concrete Contracting Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada
Jamie Wood
Concrete Superintendent

I believe that the PERI MAXIMO Shaft Corner is the safest and easiest to strip and to turn over to the next cycle. We love the MX Shaft Corners.

PERI решение

  • Comprehensive overall concept in order to accelerate construction progress while simultaneously minimizing crane use
  • Craneable units consisting of CB Climbing Brackets and MAXIMO Panel Formwork which could be adapted with very few changes required in order to match the different core dimensions
  • MAXIMO Panel Formwork with one-sided tie technology and only a minimum of ties