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Olympic Tower, Munich, Germany

Информация за проекта

Местоположение: Munich, Германия

  • Partial refurbishment of the Olympic Tower in Munich
  • The 291-m high Olympic Tower in the middle of the Munich Olympic Park is the tallest building in the capital of Bavaria


  • Scaffolding of the concrete shaft for inspection and maintenance work at the top of the tower and between the platforms as well as on the bottom side of the lower platform
  • Scaffolding erection within a protection mesh enclosure in order to protect the direct vicinity against falling objects
  • Material transport and protection mesh assembly during the night
  • High wind loads during scaffolding work at heights up to 250 m


Schäfer Gerüstbau GmbH, Memmenhausen

Информация за клиента

  • High erection speed and consistent safety due to good preparatory planning and high flexibility of the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding system
  • Connection actuated by gravity with system ledger and thus high stability during scaffolding of the tower top
  • Setting up of a guardrail without time-consuming tube-and-coupler work
  • Ongoing safety also during utilization of scaffolds due to circumferential toe boards and PERI UP bridging boards
  • Fast availability and cost-efficient project solution due to storage of required material at the PERI rental warehouses
Portrait of René Schierstedt, junior site manager at Schäfer Gerüstbau GmbH, Memmenhausen
René Schierstedt
Junior site manager

The PERI UP scaffold is absolutely flexible, easy to handle and it is characterized by high stability. The cooperation with PERI was very good, the preparatory planning worked out extremely well and we were able to implement everything at the jobsite without any problems.

PERI решение

  • Detailed scaffolding planning of PERI specialist engineers
  • Circular scaffolding of the concrete shaft up to the tapering top of the tower without time-consuming tube-and-coupler adjustments
  • Setting up of the suspended scaffold for the lower tower platform at a height of 152 m with cantilevered VARIOKIT girder design
  • Combination of PERI UP Flex with system components of the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit with standardized system and connection parts, based on the metric 25-cm grid

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