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Chadstone Shopping Centre, Australia

Информация за проекта

Местоположение: Melbourne, Австралия

  • Largest shopping centre in Australia with approx. 70,000 visitors daily
  • Realization of a complex undulating steel-glass roof construction as part of a shopping centre 34,000 m² expansion project to reach a total area of 212,000 m²


  • Planning and provision of a shoring and working scaffold solution for supporting a roof construction as well as for the assembly of all glass segments
  • Minimization of crane utilization as only one crane was available for all work operations
  • High level of safety due to execution of all work while the shopping centre remained open for business throughout
  • Short construction time with a fixed re-opening date for the Chadstone Shopping Centre


Nomad Scaffold, Melbourne, Australia

Информация за клиента

  • Excellently adapted shoring construction for the loads to be transferred and complex geometries
  • Optimal access to all working areas thanks to the high flexibility of the scaffolding in terms of geometrical adjustment at any height and all curved shapes
  • Assembly possibility with a crane through the low weight of the system components; parallel work of several trades with minimized crane use
  • Safe to use during assembly as well as during utilization


A portrait of Alan Watt, Site Supervisor, Nomad Scaffold, Melbourne, Australia
Alan Watt

Being in the industry for many years, I found the PERI UP Flex system to be the most adaptable and versatile system that I've used, with multiple sizes of a deck, ledgers and accessories. Working at such heights with limited crane access for moving material was enhanced by the lighter weight components and better deck-to-ledger connections. In addition, the accessories ensured a high level of operational flexibility.

Gary Carlisle
Director Nomad Scaffold

PERI UP is the lightest and most versatile system we have ever used. The scaffolding proved to be a valuable asset for dealing with the cantilevers as well as poorly accessible and narrow working areas in this difficult project.

PERI решение

  • Comprehensive planning of the scaffolding solution as shoring and working scaffolds for the erection of a complex undulating steel construction and assembly of the glass panels
  • Scaffold construction on 3 to 4 levels up to 20 m high and 85 m long, partly with wide bridging as well as cantilevers
  • Even working areas without any gaps

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