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COBOD 3D Construction Printer
COBOD 3D Construction Printer
Time-efficient and cost-effective building construction

BOD2 is an upgraded and improved version of the printer which was used to 3D print the first building in Europe, The BOD.

The robot-based 3D concrete printer uses the best of the technology. It is easy to maintain, move and set up due to the modular design of the machine.

Each BOD2 printer consists of a portal system with several 2.5m modules and can be flexibly configured in all 3 dimensions. Thus, not only can the dimensions be individually configured for different applications and projects, but the printer is also easily expandable. Furthermore, the portal system avoids frequent relocation and recurring calibration of the printer. This leads to enormous time savings, as each calibration process takes several hours.

One of the great advantages of robotic 3D concrete printing is the freedom of shapes in architecture - the printer does not care whether the walls are straight or curved.