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Maakri-Kvartal Business Complex, Estonia

Информация за проекта

Местоположение: Tallinn, Естония

  • Architect: Rasmus Tamme
  • Seven structures form the new business quarter comprised of three new buildings and four architectural monuments


  • Limited crane capacity limited on-site storage capacity
  • Difficult weather conditions, with strong winds in particular
  • Short construction time
  • High quality of the reinforced concrete work


MERKO Ehitus Eesti AS, Estonia

Информация за клиента

  • Maintaining the tight construction schedule, continuous and efficient working with the RCS Rail Climbing System in any weather
  • Accelerated forming of the walls with the MAXIMO Panel Formwork; efficient, systematic forming of the slabs with SKYDECK Panelized Slab Formwork
Portrait of Laivo Pallav, Concreting Operations Supervisor, MERKO Ehitus Eesti AS
Laivo Pallav
Concreting Operations Supervisor

TIME IS MONEY – is the central point of the benefits when building with PERI. We achieve maximum speed. PERI was chosen as a formwork supplier due to our previous long-term positive and successful cooperation. They are fast, professional and helpful which makes them a reliable partner. Hydraulically movable wind protection panels and platforms ensure an advantage in all weather conditions and at any given time. A crane can very often not be used due to very strong winds but despite this, we are able to move the wind protection panel together with the wall formwork to the next cycle. Using MAXIMO Wall Formwork enables us to save on one worker. In case of SKYDECK, incorrect usage of the anchoring is ruled out. Additional props are not necessary and the prop spacing is large enough in order to transport equipment on the floor. Last but not least PERI stands out through its technical expertise. Technological support, know-how and quick answers are what PERI always provides.

PERI решение

  • Safe, weather-independent climbing formwork solution on the basis of the RCS Rail Climbing System
  • Use of climbing formwork as formwork scaffolding for constructing the walls as well as climbing protection panel and anti-fall protection
  • MAXIMO Panel Formwork with one-sided tie technology, a minimum of anchors and high quality concrete finish