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Bagatelle Dam, Mauritius

Информация за проекта

Местоположение: Port Louis, Мавриций

The Bagatelle Dam Project has improved the water supply with the realization of this approx. 14 million m³ storage capacity. A 2.5 km long and up to 48 meter high dam transforms a tributary of the Grand River North West into a reservoir at almost 400 metres above sea level.

  • 2.5-km long and up to 48 meter high dam 


  • Overflow funnel with a complexly curved shape, which widens like a cup from 8 meters to 27 meters in the upper part.
  • Unique building geometry, which is realized with a constant inclination on the outside and a changing inclination on the inside.


CWE China International Water & Electric Corp.

Информация за клиента

  • The building of the overflow funnel to serve as a spillway is supported by PERI engineers with a 3D-formwork solution.
  • The formwork units for the funnel walls with inclined surfaces on all sides are customized.
  • The adaption of the formwork solution to the unique geometry with inclined walls ensures horizontal work areas and routes at all times.
Portrait of Wang Peng, Project Manager, CWE China International Water & Electric Corp.
Wang Peng
Project Manager

We have completed numerous projects together with PERI. For CWE, PERI has always been a reliable partner; with the very high quality and efficient service, we are extremely satisfied.

PERI решение

  • SCS climbing brackets and three-dimensional formwork units based on VARIO girder wall formwork elements help to manufacture the complex geometry.
  • Part of the reverse-inclined climbing formwork solution are the brackets mounted on the inside so that the elements can be formed and struck much easier and faster with a crane.
  • Single-sided concreting without any ties for the forward and reverse-inclined sections is possible with the SCS climbing system.
  • Detailed 3D-planning and the accurate CNC-machining of the timber formers are carried out in the formwork assembly department of PERI’s headquarters in Weissenhorn, Germany.
  • Final assembly and final installation of the formlining take place at the jobsite – under the expert guidance of a PERI supervisor, and with VARIO basic elements.